Medical Review Officer (MRO) Services

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As our client, you look to Jet Medical Center® to protect you, the donor, and the integrity of the drug testing process. Our goal is to make sure the information we provide is accurate and that you are always confident about the information we provide.

First, the MRO reviews the test with the donor and then the MRO reports the test as positive or negative to you the employer. That final decision rests with the MRO, thus relieving you as the employer, from the liability of that test report. Consequently, the MRO will advise you regarding guidelines for dealing with employees who have tested positive.

For further peace of mind, we store all of our testing results electronically with offsite backup.

Meets Government Regulations and Standards

We have partnered with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) certified and national accredited laboratories to ensure government regulations and standards are met. These labs use gas chromatography and mass spectroscopy, which meets the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration for commercial distribution.

If the drug screen testing is under DOT guidelines, then an MRO must be utilized.