Medical Surveillance Management

In by JetMedicalCenter

Jet Medical Center® will partner with your health & safety and human resource departments to coordinate Hazmat, Asbestos, Respiratory Protection / Respirator Fit Testing, Audiometric evaluations and other types of surveillance exams required by OSHA / State guideline or as desired by the company.

Likewise, for healthcare workers / students in healthcare we can help manage the required tuberculosis testing by performing skin testing, chest x-ray or laboratory testing if desired.

Program staff monitors quality of examinations to ensure compliance with OSHA / State / standards.

These evaluations are available with easy scheduling, monitoring, and reporting of results to reduce the cost and heavy workload placed upon various corporate departments. This service will reduces in-house administrative costs of coordinating and tracking fragmented services from multiple outside sources.

This program is customized to meet the needs of each client and includes personalized services such as:

  • Database development of covered employees and required exams
  • Notification to employers and employees of exams required to maintain compliance
  • Having an occupational health physician review all results for compliance and accuracy
  • Standardized medical clearance & compliance reporting to the employer and employee
  • Unified billing from one source for all exams and procedures to ensure better compliance