On-Site Services

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Jet Medical Center® is excited to offer a variety of on-site, occupational healthcare services. We offer businesses the flexibility of providing these services to their employees in the most convenient way – while at work. In addition, with our on-site service you’re assured proper compliance, as you would be involved and consequently, would require your employees to participate in the selected program.

In short, Jet Medical Center® goes beyond the usual in providing services that support a safe and healthy workforce. We are proud to offer you the ability to customize a program that meets your specific needs – at your place of employment!

On-Site Services

  • Physical exams
  • Pulmonary function testing
  • Audiograms
  • Drug screening
  • Workers’ compensation injury/illness exams
  • Private medical visits
  • Immunizations
  • Covid-19 Testing

Onsite Professional Staffing (Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurse, Medical Assistant)