Physical Exam & Testing

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And Return to Work / Fitness for Duty

Jet Medical Center® offers a variety of physical exams and fitness for duty evaluations that can be customized for your particular workplace. These types of testing are critical to determine if the employee is both medically and physically fit to perform the essential functions of a particular job position. Likewise, all physical exams are performed by a physician or physician assistant / nurse practitioner with direct physician oversight. Remember that a physical exam is performed on all applicants for a specific job category.

A return to work / fitness for duty is a unique evaluation that an employer can utilize to ensure that an employee, who may have recently missed work as a result of a personal, non work-related medical condition, is now fit and medically sound to return to work. Another indication for a fitness for duty is if the employer has concerns that a specific potential new hire may not be physically or medically capable to perform certain tasks in a provided job description. In this case, a fitness for duty would be performed on any one specific individual for that specific job category.

Other physical exams we offer:

  • Annual/Basic
  • Pre-Operative
  • OSHA respiratory evaluation
  • Respirator fit testing
  • Fit for Duty
  • Police and Fire
  • Customized exams available upon request

Physical Ability Testing

When combined with a physical exam, this is the best and one of the most effective ways to determine if an employee is physically capable of performing the essential functions of a job.

  • Exam includes grip strength, static push and pull strength, dynamic lifting at specified heights and frequencies, and a carry component.
  • Results are reported same business day.

Executive Physicals

A customized, physical examination for executives based on the employer’s needs that combines a comprehensive history with examination and advanced testing. This advanced testing may include, but is not limited to laboratory testing, audio-metric evaluation, pulmonary function testing and further diagnostic testing. Since this is a unique evaluation, which requires specialized testing we encourage you to call us for more details.