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What are your small business’s medical needs?

What are your small business’s medical needs?

The challenges that small business faces in these uncertain times cannot be overstated. Between the worldwide pandemic, shutdowns, and an uncertain public, the challenges keep mounting for small business owners. More than ever, small business needs a medical provider that understands these challenges and is focused on providing sound advice and counsel.

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Workers’ compensation claims and on-the-job injuries: Business owners need a care provider that is focused on both the needs of the employee and the needs of the team. Someone who understands that an injured teammate wants to get back to work as badly as his co-workers want him or her to return. Business owners need a medical partner and an alternative to multiple Emergency Room visits..

Physical exams: Before completing the hiring process, business owners need to know that a prospective employee is fit for duty. A small business owner needs a care provider who understands what every physical exam requires and can get that exam done in an effective and efficient way – completing them in a timely, yet thorough exams.

COVID-19: While the past two years have been rollercoasters for small business, COVID-19 will remain a top concern. Business needs a provider that has multiple options for COVID-19 Testing that can provide test results in minutes not days. Business owners need medical expertise that is current on CDC recommendations and advice as well as regulations within the state of Florida and the city of Tallahassee.

We have heard the requests of business owners and we specialize in those unique needs. Put our expertise to work for you and your team – call, email, or use the “contact us” form on the website. Our team is here to help when you and your team need us.


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Who is Jet Medical Center®?
Jet Medical Center® is a leading provider of occupational medicine services in the Tallahassee area. We develop, with our client partners, a customized health care plan to fit your companies needs today and into the future.

Our experienced staff of clinicians provide excellent medical care and understand the Worker’s Compensation system and its impact on your company’s financial health. Your employees will have less downtime with less complications reducing overall medical costs.


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