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How can Jet Medical Center® help your business?

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Jet Medical Center® is proud to set ourselves apart by providing services that support a safe and healthy workforce. We offer you the ability to customize a program that meets your specific needs – at your place of employment!

We can help with:

Injury Care & Management – From sprains / strains to cuts & various types of exposures and everything in between, our team of caring professionals helps manage injuries and ensure optimal healing with the latest medical technologies and practices.


Physical Exams – whether it’s a DOT physical, start-of-work physical, or another concern, Jet Medical Center’s team is focused on providing the best care and returning results quickly, effectively, and efficiently.


Drug Screenings – no matter the concern, Jet Medical Center’s team of caring professionals provides testing services for a number of substances with quick and discrete results.


Flu Vaccine – the Jet Medical Center® team is always ready to help leading up to and during flu season! We can provide flu vaccines at our office or at a job site, depending on your needs or the needs of your business.


Independent Medical Exams – Insurance Adjusters / Attorneys:  Have you had a workers’ compensation case that you thought required a physician’s care or a decision on causation? The Jet Medical Center® team understands the unique needs of both patients and employers in workers’ compensation.

For years, the Jet medical Center® team has been a trusted service provider and partner of businesses across Central Florida and now Tallahassee, helping to examine patients and care for the needs of patient and employer. We deliver honest opinions regarding workers’ compensation injuries to patients and businesses. We help the injured care for their hurts and get back on their feet again.

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COVID-19 Testing – the global COVID-19 pandemic has been a complication for businesses in Tallahassee and beyond. Let the Jet Medical Team® help your business through this difficult time with confidential COVID-19 testing services. Our testing is unique in that we offer 2 methods: the COVID-19 antigen test and the Abbott ID NOW COVID-19 PCR-based test and yes, we can conduct testing on site. We can move at the speed of business to help both employers and employees through this difficult time.


We know that every business is unique, and our group of medical professionals can help you come up with the plan that meet the needs and goals of your specific business today. Email, call, or come in to talk to us to get started.



Who is Jet Medical Center®?

Jet Medical Center® is a leading provider of occupational medicine services in the
Tallahassee area. We’re not an urgent care center, instead, we specialize in providing care for work-related injuries, substance abuse testing, physical examinations, and more!

We specialize in the unique concerns of employers and businesses – all you have to do is reach out!



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