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How Teachers and Educational Staff can benefit from occupational medicine

Teachers. Administrators. Support Staff. These people are with children daily, watching out for them and caring for many of their needs. But who makes it easy for teachers to get care?  Occupational medical clinics can provide a range of services tailored to the specific needs of those working in the education field, whether onsite at school or in their office.

Here are a few ways teachers can find help from occupational medicine physicians.

Teacher in front of classErgonomic Assessments: Evaluating workspaces such as classrooms and offices to recommend improvements that prevent repetitive strain injuries.

Immunizations: Providing necessary vaccinations is especially important for those who are in close contact with children and young adults.

Injury Treatment: Immediate care for injuries sustained on the job, such as slips, falls, or accidents during school activities.

Health Screenings: Regular health screenings to detect early signs of conditions like hypertension, diabetes, or high cholesterol.

Chronic Disease Management: Assistance in managing chronic diseases through regular check-ups and coordination of care.

Infection Control Training: Training staff on proper hygiene practices to reduce the spread of illnesses like flu and COVID-19.

Hearing Conservation: Assessments and advice for those exposed to high noise levels, such as music teachers and gym instructors.

Vision Care: Eye care services, considering the extensive use of computers and other digital devices in education.

First Aid Training: Training staff in first aid to handle medical emergencies until professional help arrives.

Occupational Health Legal Compliance: Helping the institution comply with health-related legal requirements and ensuring workplace policies uphold employee health and safety standards.

These services help maintain educational professionals’ health and well-being and contribute to a more positive and productive educational environment.

If you have needs or ideas of how your team of teachers could benefit from some help, rest assured that occupational medicine focuses on workplace safety in all workplaces. From physical exams to ideas that help establish a culture of safety, Jet Medical Center’s staff of physicians can help provide services to your team at our office or your work site. Call, click, or message us today to put our expertise to work for you and your business.


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