How can occupational medicine help your business?

How Can Occupational Medicine Help Your Business?

A doctor who practices occupational medicine is a different kind of doctor. Patients wouldn’t go see a dermatologist for a headache or an orthopedic doctor for a toothache. The same is true in the business world – while all doctors can treat problems in the body, a doctor who practices occupational medicine specializes in treating team members with an eye toward safe and courteous care for the worker while minimizing downtime so injured or affected teammates can get back to providing for their families as soon as possible.

Here are a few ways that occupational medicine can help business and teammates:

  1. Navigating the complex world of workers compensation. Anyone who has handled a workers compensation claim can attest to how complex and specific Florida law is when discussing these claims. A doctor who practices occupational medicine has a knowledge of these state laws and can guide employers through the complexities of laws relating to on-the-job injuries.
  2. Treating teammates with an eye toward issues in the workplace. While any doctor can treat a patient, a physician who practices occupational medicine can spot trends and patterns in patients that can help employers minimize expenses and injuries due to lost time.
  3. Knowledge of issues caused by hazardous materials and workplace stressors. When several teammates come down with the same sickness or injury, an occupational physician can trace these injuries back to their source and help with preventative measures to eliminate future injuries from hazardous materials.
  4. Knowledge of common medical issues in the local community. A practitioner of occupational medicine knows what to look for when it comes to issues and ailments that affect the local community. The physician sees to the needs of several businesses and knows the issues affecting the business that he or she cares for, unlike a general doctor who also sees families and individuals. The skill of occupational medicine comes from the physician’s knowledge of the needs of both the worker and the business and caring about both.
  5. Ability to treat issues in the office and at the jobsite. In occupational medicine it is not uncommon for the physician to see patients and assist with concerns at the jobsite as well as in his or her office.

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