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Jet Medical Center – Emergency Room Alternative

Jet Medical Center – An Emergency Room Alternative

There are times when an injury demands immediate care. 

For an on-the-job injury that does not threaten life or limb, Jet Medical Center is an alternative to the Emergency Room(ER). 

Jet Medical Center is:

Less costly.  An ER is always more expensive because the focus is to provide care for life threatening circumstances .  At Jet Medical Center, we specialize in treating work-related injuries.Stethoscope on bed

Shorter wait times. Since Jet Medical Center specializes in the needs of businesses, patients spend less time waiting and more time with the care provider. When a patient is in pain or discomfort, every minute spent waiting counts.  

More efficient. From electronic records and beyond, Jet Medical Center eliminates any handwriting errors, misplaced records, and  reduces clerical errors by utilizing an officewide digital system. Caring for fewer patients at once means the clinic staff can focus their attention on the patients they have and have less of a chance for a paperwork error delaying care or creating a billing problem. 

Effective at what we do. Our providers are trained to care for on-the-job and workers compensation injuries, so they can begin treating patients more quickly than the Emergency Room. At Jet Medical Center, there  is no need for an appointment – just have your injured employee walk-in to begin the treatment process.

Can your business and your team benefit from an occupational medical clinic? Call, email, or select “Contact Us” and tell us how we can help. 


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Who is Jet Medical Center®?
Jet Medical Center® is a leading provider of occupational medicine services in the Tallahassee area. We develop, with our client partners, a customized health care plan to fit your companies needs today and into the future.

Our experienced staff of clinicians provide excellent medical care and understand the Worker’s Compensation system and its impact on your company’s financial health. Your employees will have less downtime with less complications reducing overall medical costs.


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