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How does occupational medicine help with on-the-job injuries?

Just as the old saying goes, “a stitch in time saves nine,” a physician who practices occupational medicine will tell you that injury prevention can save time and money over injury care.

Hand in an x-ray film giving ok signHere are five ways that occupational medicine can help save time and money with injury prevention:

  1. Preventing workers compensation claims. Managing the workplace is less complicated than managing an injured teammate. A physical examination before hiring a teammate can give valuable information and prevent a potential injury.
  2. Preventing time away from work. An injured teammate is unable to work, which means other team members needing to pitch in while the injured teammate is away. All the while the injured teammate is worried about providing for his or her family.
  3. Keeping up team morale. An injured teammate can affect team and workplace morale negatively. Stress adds up as teammates must pitch in to cover shifts and/or job duties.
  4. Preventing costly trips to the emergency room. While some Emergency Room trips cannot be avoided, the ER is one of the most costly treatment centers. Medical care from the company’s occupational medical partner can get teammates in to see a physician faster and on the road to recovery sooner.
  5. Preventing workplace illness. Lost productivity due to flu affects many businesses throughout the year. Simple flu shots, offered by the company’s occupational medical partner can prevent this.

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