Keeping Your Team Healthy During the Holidays

Keeping Your Team Healthy During the Holidays

The holiday season is here, and business has picked up during the holiday hustle. Many teams cannot afford lost time due to illness and injury.

Here are five ways to keep your team healthy during the holidays:

  1. Flu Shots. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that in October and November of 2022, there have been between 6.2 and 14 million cases of the flu reported in the United States. Each case of the flu can cause a teammate several days of lost work. One flu shot can help prevent or lessen the effect of the flu during the holiday bustle.
  2. Physical Examinations. The holidays often mean hiring new staff, and to make sure that new teammates can perform job tasks, a complete physical exam is often needed to ensure that a new teammate is ready for work.
  3. Drug and Alcohol Testing. Does your workplace have a Zero Tolerance Policy? Then all new teammates should be tested to meet that policy. Impaired teammates threaten how well the team works during the busiest season of the year.
  4. Quick Care of Injured Teammates. In the case when a teammate is injured on the job, a speedy and thorough evaluation is needed by a physician, preferably one that specializes in occupational medicine – or injuries in the workplace. Minimizing downtime helps the team stay up on the day’s work and minimizes a teammate’s lost time due to injury.
  5. On-Site Physician Services. Whether it’s a machine or jobsite that continues to cause injury or a day needed to give the entire team a flu shot, sometimes the team just needs a doctor onsite to help, but not just any doctor. A doctor trained in occupational medicine can help to identify parts of a jobsite that threaten the team’s safety or can help to give the advice to help keep the team safe or administer a round of vaccines to meet the team’s needs.


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