Drug Testing for Business

Instituting a Zero Tolerance Policy in the Workplace

Instituting a Zero Tolerance Policy

Is your team considering starting a zero-tolerance policy for drug use in the workplace? Have you begun a zero-tolerance policy, but need help with testing that moves at the speed of business? The only decision that’s as important as beginning a zero-tolerance policy is selecting a medical partner that can help to process your team’s results.

Drug Testing for Business

Drug and alcohol abuse constitute a significant problem in the workplace, contributing to low productivity, poor job performance, increased accidents, incidents of theft, and decreased employee morale. Drug-abusing employees acquire 300% higher medical costs [U.S. Chamber of Commerce] and are five times more likely to file a workers’ compensation claim [U.S. Dept. of Justice, DEA].

Jet Medical Center® is both a NIDA-approved collection site for urine drug screenings and an HRS-approved collection site for all State of Florida Drug Free Workplace specimens. Certified Breath Alcohol Technicians are available in our clinics and on-site. We use only SAMSHA Certified Laboratories to process our results. Specimen collection, drug test, and medical review of positive laboratory results are all included services.

When your team needs it the most, Jet Medical Center® can provide that resource with fast, accurate testing that respects both your team’s needs and your teammate’s privacy. Call, click, or select “Contact Us” to put our team’s years of experience to work for your business.


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Who is Jet Medical Center®?

Jet Medical Center® is a leading provider of occupational medicine services in the Tallahassee area. We develop, with our client partners, a customized health care plan to fit your companies needs today and into the future.

Our experienced staff of clinicians provide excellent medical care and understand the Worker’s Compensation system and its impact on your company’s financial health. Your employees will have less downtime with less complications reducing overall medical costs.


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