woman taking a hearing test

Occupational Hearing Loss and Your Team

Some jobs are loud. Cities liked Tallahassee house a number of manufacturing and distribution centers and dealing with loud noises in the workplace becomes commonplace. The importance of hearing protection cannot be emphasized enough.

woman taking a hearing test

According to UFHealth at the University of Florida, occupational hearing loss can be defined as “damage to the inner ear from noise or vibrations due to certain types of jobs.” The same article provides a good reference for when loud noises should become a concern, “a general rule of thumb is that if you need to shout to be heard, the sound is in the range that can damage hearing… The main symptom for hearing loss is partial or complete hearing loss, and this can worsen over time and repeated exposure.”

The article also states clearly that in most cases, a physical exam will not show specific changes in most cases, and an audiology test is required to determine the degree of hearing loss. In any case, you will need a medical provider who understands the unique nature of your business and one who can offer the appropriate audiological tests to ensure your workforce’s safety.

Audiological tests are one of the services that our team can provide for your team, and we offer these services in our discreet office setting or onsite at your business, if that is more convenient for you.

Whatever the needs of your business, Jet Medical Center is here to be your team’s resource in Tallahassee and beyond. Call us, email us, or use the Contact Us page of this website to put our team’s expertise to work for you.


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