Man Standing at a warehouse desk

Standing up for better health in the workplace

Standing up for better health

Workplaces around the world are engineered for comfort and productivity while teammates sit at a desk most of the day. Where those comforts may lead to repetitive work injuries, there are aids in the form of ergonomics. Ergonomics help take strain off the body where it would otherwise suffer. In addition to ergonomics easing workday strains of those working at a desk, more evidence has come to light about the benefits of standing during the workday.

In a December 2023 article in the journal Occupational Medicine, doctors reached the conclusion that changing some of office workers’ sitting time to standing time led to increased engagement in the workplace. The article found that longer sitting times were associated with teammates being less present in the workplace, and having shorter productivity periods than those who would stand periodically. The article concluded that “each hour of occupational sitting reallocated to standing/stepping was favorably associated with overall work engagement and its dimensions.”

Man Standing at a warehouse desk

The article concluded that “Work practices and strategies that support time being spent standing and stepping at work, with decreased sitting behaviors, have the potential to improve desk workers’ engagement.”

If you have concerns about ergonomics and enhancing your workplace for your team, remember that occupational medicine focuses on workplace safety in all workplaces. From physical exams to ideas that help establish a culture of safety, Jet Medical Center’s staff of physicians can help provide services to your team at our office or your work site. Call, click, or message us today to put our expertise to work for you and your business.

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