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What is a Pulmonary Function Test?

What is a pulmonary function test?

Johns Hopkins Medical defines pulmonary function tests as “noninvasive tests that show how well the lungs are working. The tests measure lung volume, capacity, rates of flow, and gas exchange. This information can help your healthcare provider diagnose and decide the treatment of certain lung disorders.

There are 2 types of disorders that cause problems with air moving in and out of the lungs:Image of lungs with alveoli highlighted

Obstructive. This is when air has trouble flowing out of the lungs due to airway resistance. This causes a decreased flow of air.

Restrictive. This is when the lung tissue and/or chest muscles can’t expand enough. This creates problems with air flow, mostly due to lower lung volumes.”

Does your team need pulmonary function tests?

Is there a condition in the workplace that is causing members of your team to get sick? Jet Medical Center can help with testing, like pulmonary function tests, to determine the cause of chronic conditions and to help quickly get your workforce back to full strength.

At Jet Medical Center, we are here to help care for the unique medical needs of your industry and your business. Pulmonary function tests are just one of the tests that we can use to find the root cause of recurring problems in your workforce. We use tools like this to work hand-in-hand with your business and monitor the health of your team, minimizing lost time. (Link to Medical Resource Management article)


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Who is Jet Medical Center®?

Jet Medical Center® is a leading provider of occupational medicine services in the Tallahassee area. We develop, with our client partners, a customized health care plan to fit your companies needs today and into the future.

Our experienced staff of clinicians provide excellent medical care and understand the Worker’s Compensation system and its impact on your company’s financial health. Your employees will have less downtime with less complications reducing overall medical costs.


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