Itchy skin - contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis – Caring for the skin while at work

The skin is the largest organ in the body, and caring for it becomes increasingly important. At work, skin can be exposed to a number of chemicals and surfaces at the job site, which can lead to one of the most common complaints from teammates: rashes, blisters, or itchy skin, known as contact dermatitis.

Itchy skin - contact dermatitisContact dermatitis is the most common occupational skin disorder and can occur whenever the skin comes in frequent contact with chemicals and other materials used at work. Symptoms may include red, painful, and itchy skin, blisters, and swelling. Many work-related cases are on exposed parts of the body, notably the hands and arms.

Some of the occupations that are at the most risk for contact dermatitis include:

• Food service workers
• Cosmetologists and hairdressers
• Health care workers
• Agricultural and outdoor workers
• Building cleaning and maintenance workers
• Painters
• Mechanics
• Metalworkers
• Construction trades

According to Mount Sinai Selikoff Centers for Occupational Health, prevention of contact dermatitis is one of the most effect means of keeping teams from symptoms.

“Employers must have workplace controls in place to prevent occupational diseases. If elimination or substitution of the irritant is not possible, engineering controls can prevent contact:

Ventilation systems or isolation booths for spraying can prevent contact.

Wash stations and other equipment to promote cleaning-up after using oils, solvents, cleaners and paints are helpful in removing these irritants at the end of a workday.

Personal protective equipment such as gloves, safety glasses or goggles, shop coats or coveralls, and boots can be provided to individuals to prevent exposure. Employers should ensure that gloves fit and protect exposed areas, are replaced when they wear out or develop holes, and that workers change them frequently to reduce dampness or sweating on the hands when gloves are worn for long periods.”

If you have concerns about your teammates and contact dermatitis, rest assured that occupational medicine focuses on workplace safety in all workplaces. From physical exams to ideas that help establish a culture of safety, Jet Medical Center’s staff of physicians can help provide services to your team at our office or your work site. Call, click, or message us today to put our expertise to work for you and your business.

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